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STYLE Bangkok is an international trade fair that offers all sorts of lifestyle products. Gathering the latest products that shape tomorrow's trends from gifts, home decor, furniture to fashion and more. Held under “Crenovative Origin” that combines and highlights “Creative”, “Innovation”, and Thai “Original” identity to respond to the new lifestyle product trends. The fair is annually held in October and is a combination of three prestige international trade fairs, namely Bangkok International Fashion Fair and Bangkok International Leather Fair (BIFF & BIL), Bangkok International Gifts and Bangkok International Houseware Fair (BIG + BIH), and Thailand International Furniture Fair (TIFF) which were all well received for more than 20 years.
Lifestyle Categories
BIG + BIH (Gifts, Premiums and Home Decoration)
( Gifts, Premiums and Home Decoration )

* Gifts, premiums and souvenirs

* Home Decoration Items

* Home textile

* Gifts and textile home decoration

* Handicrafts

* Artificial flowers and plants

* Aroma products

* Christmas decoration and ornaments

* Toys

* Sports gear and travel accessories

* Kitchenware

* Stationeries and office supplies

* Hotel and Spa supplies

* Cosmetics

* OTOP products

* Cartoon characters

* Pet products

BIF & BILL (Fashion and Leather)
( Fashion and Leather )

* Garments

* Costumes and accessories for different occasions

* Textile and silk

* Leather goods such as leather shoes, bags and leatherwear

* Raw materials (leather hides) and leather scraps

* Printing and chemical supplies used in fashion industry

TIFF (Furniture)
( Furniture )

* Furniture and its spare parts,

* Interior design decoration items

* Related products


* Importers

* Manufacturers

* Trading Companies

* Distributors

* Wholesalers

* Retailers

* Boutiques

* Fashion Showrooms

* Department Stores

* Buying Agents

* Designers

* Real Estate Buyers

* Interior Designers

* Etc.