Trade days : 17 – 19 October 2018 (10.00–18.00 hrs.)
Public days : 20 – 21 October 2018 (10.00–21.00 hrs.)
Venue : Hall 98 – 105, 47,000 sqm.,
Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Centre (BITEC),
Bangna, Bangkok, Thailand

Special Activities

Special Activities

Activities Date and Time Venue
Opening Ceremony 17 October 2018
10.00 hr.
In front of Hall 103
  • ● Design Excellence Award 2017 (DEmark)
  • ● OTOP
  • ● 60+
  • ● I+D Style café
  • ● Pets
  • ● Talent Thai & Designer’ Room 2018
  • ● Mom & Kids
  • ● Creative Asean
  • ● Art Zone
  • ● T-Style
  • ● The Residence
  • ● Quarated Fashion
  • ● Trend Forum
  • ● Creative Service
  • ● Innovation and Design Zone
  • ● DITP Service Center
  • ● Designer of the Year

17 – 19 October 2018
10.00 – 18.00 hrs.
20 – 21 October 2018
10.00 – 21.00 hrs.

Hall 102
Hall 99
Hall 99
Hall 100
Hall 99
Hall 101
Hall 100
Hall 103
Hall 103
Hall 103
Hall 103
Hall 100
Hall 100
Hall 105
Hall 105
Hall 100
Hall 98
Business Matching 17 – 21 October 2018
10.00 – 18.00 hrs.
Buyer’s Lounge
Hall 100

Creative Services

The exhibition presents Thailand’s strength as
a global player in terms of creative services,
from wellness and medical businesses,
character licensing to printing and packaging
industries. The products and services of
these businesses and industries are being
highlighted to showcase their potentials.

DITP Logistics Service Pavilion

EH 100
With DITP Logistic Service Pavilion, trading
with Thailand has never been easier for both
visitors and exhibitors at STYLE Bangkok.
Professional logistics service providers
are ready to offer consultation regarding
transportation services domestically and
internationally, warehousing service, custom
clearance and especially consolidated shipping
from small lot orders, etc.

Innovation & Design Zone (IDZ)

Showcasing innovative products and designs
from Thailand, the exhibition is divided into 2
parts: the Innovation and Design Showcase
displays the latest innovation from Thai
inventors as well as designers, while the
Innovation and Design Bazaar offers a retail
space for creative entrepreneurs and startups.

Innovation plus Design Style Café (I+D STYLE CAFE)

Relax with a latte, meet new people and
browse a selection of innovative products and
creative design objects from Thai brands and
talented designers.


Discover lifestyle products from highlighted
T-STYLE programs. T-STYLE: DEWA exhibits
prototypes made from agricultural waste.
T-STYLE : Eco Commercial Design displays
eco-friendly products developed by a
Japanese expert. T-STYLE Big Toy Design
is about creative toys. Lastly, T-STYLE Craft
Object showcases lifestyle products recently
shown at the Maison & Objet Paris.

Talent Thai & Designers’Room

Thailand’s up-and-coming young designers
take the opportunity to display some of their
outstanding design products ranging from
home decorative items to furniture, fashion to
jewelry, and much more.

Design Excellence Award 2018 (DEmark)

Take a look at an award-winning collection
comprising of furniture, lifestyle products,
fashion, industrial design, packaging and
graphic design from Thai designers and
entrepreneurs. Do not forget to drop by and
shop at the DEmark concept store.

DITP Service Center

Learn more about trade with Thailand at
DITP Service Center, a one-stop destination
showcasing various services offered by DITP,
the main public service center founded to
support international trade. With its network
of over 60 locations around the world, you can
be sure that your trade with Thailand, whether
it be online or offline, will be smooth and easy.

DITP Business Matching Service

Business Lounge: EH100
A fully integrated, comprehensive business
matching service enables buyers to promptly
link up with potential traders and suppliers.

The official marketplace website for products
from Thailand, offers business
matching service and in-depth information as
well as other suggestions on the international
trade. Here, you can also browse Thailand’s
largest export marketplace online: thaitrade.

OTOP Pavilion

Handicrafts from all over Thailand under one
roof. The ‘One Tumbon One Product’ (OTOP)
Pavilion will display a selection of premium
OTOP handicrafts that can fit today’s lifestyles.
The products include basketry, textiles,
woodwork, silver, ceramic, etc.

60+ Showcase

Societies are ageing rapidly in different parts
of the world, and older consumers have
become the new niche market. Products
catering to this market need special design,
and take into consideration the physical and
mental needs of the elderly. Enhancing user
experience is the main goal. Come and see
various lifestyle products for seniors, ranging
from spa products, skincare products, fashion
accessories, tablewares, and others.

Mom & Kids Showcase

A sourcing platform for baby products,
kids’ items and maternity products. It is
recognized as a must-attend exhibition which
provides various products and information for
mother, baby, toddler, pregnant women and
breastfeeding mom.

Pet Products Showcase

This showcase offers design products for
pet lovers and their pets. Products such
as cat houses, dog beds, pet bowls, cat
scratch boards, pet cloths and apparel, and
wheelchairs for disabled/sick/older pets are
all suited for modern living, and have been
designed with the unique needs of pets’
bodies in mind.

Trend Forum 2019

Trend Forum 2019 presents the Spring Summer
2019 fashion trends of Thailand, which are
Sensaorial Family, Traveller’s Spirits, Homo
Genus, and Symbolic Discussion.

Thai Silk Deluxe (Haute Couture) Pavilion

The pavilion showcases exquisite Haute
Couture-inspired gowns made of traditional
Thai silk. Apart from the exhibit, several
tailoring workshops are available for those
who are interested. In French, the term Haute
Couture, which means “high fashion” or
“high sewing”, is used to define the summit
of fashion.

Qurated Fashion Incubation Project

This space showcases 71 projects which
are the results of the fashion incubation
project and 48 works of SMEs and OTOP
entrepreneurs those who are registered as

ART Zone

A brand-new highlight of STYLE Bangkok, the
ART Zone features more than 55 masterpieces
of different genres of art from distinguished
artists in the area of 234 square meters.

The Residence

Curated by a renown French designer, Francois
Russo, The Residence exhibits a collection
of the best works in design, art, and lifestyle
products in Thailand. The Residence will be an
inspiration for visitors to experience the new
trend of living.

Inno Design STYLE University

To correspond with “Crenovative Origin”, the
main concept of STYLE Bangkok, the Inno
Design STYLE University space features
selected works of students and academics
with innovative ideas.

Eco growing Green

Eco Growing Green represents alternative
choices we can make in our daily life in order
to protect our environment for the benefit of all.
The purpose of this project is to empower your
conscience of environmental conservation,
and how you can make a difference. As you
walk through, you’ll see a live screen with
information of each decision that has been
made, and how it affects our environment.

Nuvo Exposition

Nuvo Exposition represents the excited
moment of opening presents. Just imagine how
it feels to guess what it is under the wrapping.
Nuvo Exposition is an area where new products
are gathered and revealed to the public for
the first time.