Trade days : 17 – 19 October 2018 (10.00–18.00 hrs.)
Public days : 20 – 21 October 2018 (10.00–21.00 hrs.)
Venue : Hall 98 – 105, 47,000 sqm.,
Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Centre (BITEC),
Bangna, Bangkok, Thailand

Special Activities

Creative & Design

  • Creative Lab
    a venue that offers Thai entrepreneurs especially SMEs and Creative Makers to exchange views and creative ideas in adding value to their products and services to meet demands of new generation of buyers
  • Innovation plus Design Style Café (I+D Style Café)
    exhibition area in a form of prototype café displaying products with innovations such as environmental friendly goods and outstandingly creative products aimed to inspire and motivate new knowledge
  • Design Excellence Award 2017 (Demark)
    showcasing 53 Thai award-winning products in 2017 that have distinguished design
  • Talent Thai & Designers’ Room
    displaying the works of selected brands of 100 entrepreneurs
  • Design Society
    providing consultancy services in term of designs for entrepreneurs so that they can leapfrog into international markets. Also including logistic advices


  • Functional Textile
    a display of functional textile by Thai producers such as lightweight, flame resistant, conductive, health beneficial and environmentally friendly. These functional textile products can add values to products and make them distinguished from competitors.
  • MOC
    displaying the products that are jointed developed by Thailand and Japan under MOC (Memorandum of Cooperation in Textile and Apparel Industry) project to showcase the potential of textile products with quality that suits international markets
    Exhibition of masterpiece of tailoring as well as high-standard tailored clothes, and a workshop on tailoring that interested people can learn the skills

Exhibitions of special lifestyle group

  • 60+
    showcasing lifestyle products for the elderly from 10 producers
    displaying products and services for pets by 10 entrepreneurs
  • Mother & Kid
    showcasing mother and kid products by 20 manufacturers

Service businesses

  • Wellness & Medical Services (WMS)
    space for the WMS and related product exhibition and business talk venue for participants who are producers and exporters in Thailand’s wellness sector
  • Character Licensing
    the venue for business matching between the character licensors and potential buyers from other industries such as finances, banks, gifts, toys, home decoration, arts and food etc.

The New Faces

Presenting and showcasing products of new-face entrepreneurs whose products are outstanding in designs that are carefully selected by Commercial Offices of Chiang Mai, Lampang, Lamphoon and Bueng Kan under the theme “Local to Global”

OTOP Pavilion

Display of products that are developed by entrepreneurs in the OTOP (One Tambon, One Product) groups for export

Fashion Show

  • ● Thai Designer Presentation by Paul Direk Brand by DITP Concept “CHANGE” Paul Direk X Pitour
  • ● Luggage Fashion Presentation Concept “Get Ready to Travel”
  • ● House of Love Fashion Presentation Concept “Funny and Fabulous”
  • ● Lifestyle Fashion Presentation Concept “Fashion Lifestyle”


  • Re-Purpose Workshop
    designing products from Recycle, Upcycle and Eco Design by Mr. Yutthana Anothaisintawee from The Remaker and Garmento Board
  • Wax Textile Printing
    workshop on candle-print fabric and making of print molds from paper with techniques of Mong hill-tribe and batik technique
  • Paper Quilling
    workshop on how to make paper quill to add values for products and เcharms for the finished products that can be developed into accessories or home decorative items.
  • White Clay and Decorated
    workshop on Japanese clay technique for beginners to form two-and-three dimensioned objects that can be created into items for daily uses.
  • Silk Screen Printing Silk Screen Printing
    working on process of textile designing including hand-printing by Dr. Namfon Laisatruklai and Soonthorn Chantranivej


to give knowledge on marketing and the lifestyle industry trend by experts in each field from Thailand and other countries